InDesign CS3

This semester I am in a Public Relations Publications class and have been learning how to navigate and work through projects in InDesign. A project for the class was to teach the rest of the class a technique that was once challenging to us but now we have mastered it. The technique that I was excited to finally figure out was how to create a gradient color. The following website aided with my tutorial:

Try it yourself! 

1. Open Indesign

2. Open the gradient palate (right side near the color palate)

3. Drag colors from the color palate the the gradient palate and move the lines designating the colors to create gradient

4. Enjoy using your personally created gradient!! 


Linking on the Web

Currently, I am discovering how to manage all of my blogs and websites. In my PR Pubs class, my teacher is very web active and has so many web pages. I really want to manage my bloggs well and keep up to date with them.  I have twitter, PR open mic, blogger, word press and my own blogg for my half marathon fund raising, needless to say I am overwhelmed with keeping up with them.
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Thanks for being patient while I get this organized!